portable home
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portable home

A coodo is a functional, flexible and mobile living or working space in contemporary design, that can be installed and enjoyed nearly anywhere and anyplace. It offers a new vision and dimension to the way we live and work: mobile living.

The innovative, modular coodo, can be easily relocated at anytime, so you can take your home wherever your life may take you.
Many elements of the interior can be chosen by you and modified.
Because of it ́s minimalistic size, a coodo needs much less material than conventional buildings and is more cost effective in production.
The mobility of the “coodo” allows for a quick, easy and economical installation with minimal impact on the building site and the environment, which is normally impossible to achieve for traditional homes.
As a coodo owner, you don’t need to buy the property on which you place your coodo, but instead, can rent it temporarily.

courtesy: coodo

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