cure diabetes I & II in 72 hours

Good news for diabetes patients, Today’s interesting news is curing diabetes in 72 hrs. Dr. Biswaroop Roy Cowdary has published a research paper on public health as thesis for phd.

He had suffered from a major heart condition in his childhood that was corrected only after an open heart surgery, though it had a dissuading impact on his early life and career. He subsequently travelled the entire the country consuming immense literature on topics relative to effectively controlling the mind, increasing memory and self-healing principles for the human body . And it is only after the comprehension and self-application of this monumental knowledge that Dr. was able to fully recover from the physical-mental ailments.

Dr. Biswaroop completed his Post Graduation in Diabetes Education from International Diabetes Federation, Belgium, a specialization in the Nutritional China Studies from Cornell University, USA, and later completed his Doctorate in Public Health from Vietnam.

courtesy and for more details: Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdury

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